On the first day of the New 2021, we bring you a recapitulation of the most important events in the media and telecom industry published on the Media daily portal in the past 2020.

We published a total of 3,200 new articles last year, and our portal was visited by 169,249 users, which is 19% more than in 2019. We published 55 exclusive news that you first read on our portal, we published about a hundred original analyzes that you could not find anywhere else, many key people in the media spoke for our portal, we actively supported various initiatives, we are working on two new regional media books, we conducted the third Selection for the best regional news portal, and at the end of the year we started with our online panels.

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We present the 2020 review in four parts. Today is the period from January to March.

January 2020

  • The beginning of the year in the telecom industry was marked by the termination of cooperation between M-Tel and Eronet with Nova BH. Later, BH Telecom joined the two. The reason for the termination of cooperation is the impossibility of agreeing on the price for distribution, which continues to this day.
  • Radio Prijedor was hit by an accident, there was a fire with not too much damage.
  • AKOS has assigned DAB + mux R3 TV Slovenia to Slovenia for management. It is about the coverage of the wider surroundings of Ljubljana. Later in the year, Radio Salamon and Otprti Radio began broadcasting at R3 mux.
  • Mirna Miličić, Goran Rukavina, and Vlado Bulić, the renowned screenwriting and directing team of the mega-popular series Na granici, which was broadcast on Nova TV, signed a contract with a competing RTL, which we were the first to inform you about.
  • The conflict on the telecom scene in Serbia between Telecom Serbia and United Group resulted in the exclusion of the United Group TV channel from the offer of the cable operator Supernova, which is owned by Telecom Serbia. Mutual accusations continued throughout the year, and lawsuits were filed. There is no end in sight to this conflict, which will certainly continue in 2021.
  • The merger of Dnevnik and Večer, two print publishers in Slovenia, failed. Namely, the owners of these media could not agree on the assessment of the value of their companies, so everyone continued with their business.
  • The International TV Festival in Bar announced a relaunch, but the Covid-19 pandemic stopped it, as did NEM Dubrovnik.
  • Arena E-sport and RTS Nauka TV channels have been launched in Serbia. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, OBN was again on sale, which has not yet been realized, and in Croatia, Nova Tv tried to buy SPTV, but this was not allowed by the media regulator AEM.
  • The Agency for the Protection of Market Competition (AZTN) has allowed the sale of the mobile operator Tele 2 to the United group, of which we were the first to inform you.

February 2020

  • Finally, consultations began in Croatia on the new Law on Electronic Media, to which there were many objections from publishers and which did not enter into force until the end of last year.
  • HRT, RTL, Nova TV, and the Croatian Association of Marketing Communication Societies – HURA, have established the first Joint Media Committee (JMC) in Croatia. The association is called UMTG (Association of Television Audience Measurement).
  • The Independent Trade Union of Journalists and Media Workers (SSNM) and the state news agency MIA became participants in the historic event. They broke the ice and signed the first collective agreement in the media in the history of the Macedonian media scene.
  • The editorial staff of the weekly Vreme announced that the editor-in-chief of this paper, Dragoljub Žarković, passed away after a short and severe illness, and the legendary radio host Zoran Modli also passed away.
  • The Commercial Court in Varaždin initiated bankruptcy proceedings against the debtor Mijor Ltd. from Čakovec, the broadcaster of Srce TV, which has a concession for the digital region D3 (Varaždin, Međimurje, Koprivnica-Križevci, and part of Bjelovar-Bilogora County).
  • The New York Times reported to the public that in 2019, the company for the first time earned more than $ 800 million from digital revenue sources (subscriptions).
  • The Millionaire Quiz on Planet TV got a new host. One of the legendary Slovenian television presenters, Slavko Bobovnik, said goodbye to his leading role in this popular quiz and was succeeded by Jure Godler.
  • On Valentine’s Day, in front of a gathered team of journalists and part of the cast, POP TV presented its hit program series for this spring – Najini mostovi.
  • The coronavirus has begun to seriously affect the business of both the media and the telecom industry. Every day there was more and more information about this problem that certainly marked the year 2020.
  • The change of visuals and the 15th birthday of Poslovni Dnevnik was celebrated with a special event for 50 selected partners who arrived at the presentation of the redesigned portal and printed edition of Poslovni Dnevnik on a special business flight of Croatia Airlines from Zagreb to Dubrovnik.
  • The average assessment of the independence of the Electronic Media Regulator (REM) is only 1.63 and this is a worrying indicator of the perception of the independence of that body, said in the Draft Legal Analysis of the Position of REM, which was implemented with the help of the OSCE Mission to Serbia.
  • Beta Film has taken over the majority of the Zagreb production company Drugi plan, which is responsible for the production of the TV series Novine and Uspjeh, taken over for showing on Netflix.

March 2020

  • From 1.3. In 2020, O2 television became B92 again, and on that occasion, the creative team of the television devised a new, modern graphic design and logo of the television.
  • After Telecom Slovenia eliminated the channels Šport TV 1-3 from its offer on December 2, 2019, it was agreed that the programs Šport TV 1, Šport TV 2, and Šport TV 3 would be available to Telekom Slovenije users again.
  • Due to the amendments to the Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media Services in Northern Macedonia, the Association of Televisions and the Association of Telecom Operators fought throughout the year. The conflict arose over attempts to regulate copyright to rebroadcast foreign TV stations distributed through telecom platforms in the country. The case has not yet been resolved.
  • The unusual extension of the tender procedure for the sale of 54.3% of Optima telecom shares announced a poor development of the situation around the sale of this company, which has been going on throughout the last year, about which we have written exclusively several times. All in all, Optima telecom has not been sold yet, and the investment bank Credit Suisse is now in charge of finding a buyer.
  • Due to problems with the Covid-19 pandemic, many events were canceled, such as MIPTV, Zagreb Dox, SOF, Radio Days, Digital takeover … At the same time, the spread of fake news continued, especially through social networks. Distance classes have also started due to the closure of schools via television, and the main news in the media has been taken over by the pandemic.TOMORROW AT 2 PM: Looking back to 2020; Forget it as soon as possible! Part 2 (4-6 month)