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Top list of the 10 largest public broadcasting services in the...

This year too, we are publishing a comparative analysis of the operations of all 10 media public media services in the region. Today, we are exclusively...



North Macedonia

Arena sport commentary in two other languages

According to the announcements of the management of Arena sport channels, sports matches are expected to be broadcast with commentary in two more languages from...


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Several television and radio stations and portals are looking for new...

The media market is very dynamic and various media are actively but discreetly searching for successful business transformations and ownership or programming consolidation. The only specialized agency...


The New Roaring ’20s?

US Ambassador in London, Robert Johnson, said the United Kingdom would enter the new Roaring '20s after Brexit. Is this ambassadors' optimism applicable to the whole world, or the...

I’m my own editor



Coronavirus threatens to destroy media

Television and streaming channels have record ratings, same as night and day scrolling on news portals. Radio news is also being listened to, together with newspapers where available. When it...

Politics and media


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Radio is a good business opportunity!

The specialized media buying and selling agency Media desk offers several radio stations that are looking for new owners or partners, and you are given an...





Adria.fun, a new portal for entertainment, free time, events and travel,...

The new ambitious web portal Adria.fun will be launching from June 1st, covering topics focused on entertainment, free time, relaxation, concerts, events, adrenaline, dating, travel, excursions,...



Happy holidays and a happy New Year 2024.

Dear readers and partners! Thank you very much for your wonderful cooperation and support during 2023, and we hope that 2024 will be even more...


I am concerned about the increase in the price of electricity and the strengthening of the energy crisis

National Broadcasting (PE NB) is a public company whose mission is to broadcast radio and television programs...

Pavel Stantchev; Planet TV is not our last investment!

TV Pink, Happy TV, B92,TV Prva, Tanjug, N1, Nova S, Happy, Pink, Vesti, Prva TV, B92 , Kopernikus, Una, K1, Tanjug, TV2, BK, Kurir, TV 2 Media Group, TV 2 RS Broadcasting, Planet TV, Pavel Stantchev, Špela Pirnat
Pavel Stantchev is the executive director of the largest Hungarian TV group TV2, and recently in the same position...



Medium in an online edition

The last edition of Medium was prepared by young journalists, participants of the journalist campaign Express yourself through the media.

High school students awarded for media work

The School of Journalism and Public Relations in Skopje, in collaboration with the Institute for diversity from London and the...


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WE HAVE THE WINNER of the 6th Media daily selection for...

The 6th Media daily selection for the best regional news portal in 2023 has finished, with the help of the Midas network native advertising platform. In a tough competition,...

A nation without reliable news is, sooner or later, a nation without a foundation of freedom!

Harold (Joseph) Lasky (1893–1950), English political theorist and economist.

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