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United Group’s double standards and manipulations

Today, the agenda of the session of the National Assembly of Serbia includes two media laws, which have been the subject of a fierce media battle...
Top list of the 30 largest media in Serbia, largest media in Serbia, top largest media in Serbia, RTS, Pink media group, Arena sport, Prva televizija, Ringier Serbia, B92, Mondo.inc, Happy TV, Adria media group, Minacord media, Internet group, Politika, Medijska mreža, Tačno, United media, nova.rs, HBO Adria,

TOP 30 largest media in Serbia

For the sixth year in a row, we publish the Top list of the 30 largest media in Serbia according to revenue, profit and number of...
Happy TV, B92,

With more slander and lies, Happy TV becomes more financially stronger!

Is it possible to make good money from hate speech, spreading Russian propaganda, xenophobia, and inciting the worst human traits without suffering consequences? Judging...

Decline in revenue on televisions owned by Srđan Milovanović

Srđan Milovanović, the owner of two national television stations - TV Prva and B92 - is certainly not overly satisfied with their operations in 2022. While Pink Television recorded record revenue...
Nemanja Kostić, City Radio, Play Radio, B92, Ringier, Blic TV, Nataša Guberinić

Nemanja Kostić left Play radio

The radio "life" of Nemanja Kostić, until two days ago the Executive Director of Play Radio, began about 24 years ago when he started working at...

Television viewership with national coverage from 2003 to 2021!

It is extremely interesting to see the viewership surveys of televisions with national coverage over a long period. In Serbia, electronic viewership measurement (the...
Kopernikus Group, TV Prva, B92, Željko Mitrović, Pink TV, United Group, SBB, capble operator, Srđan Milovanović,

Neither SBB, nor Mitrović, nor the Kopernikus group are right

There was a lot of noise about the exclusion of the Kopernikus Group TV channel (TV Prva, B92) from the offer of the cable operator SBB, which...
Srđan Milovanović, SBB, Prva TV, B92, AGB Neilsen, TV Beat, Prva Plus, Prva Kick, Prva World

A new media war has just begun! SBB is dropping the...

Srđan Milovanović, the owner of the two national televisions Prva and B92, demands that the company SBB pays 38 million euros per year for their distribution in...
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Four television stations want a fifth national frequency

Interest in the fifth national television terrestrial frequency is significantly lower than it was in the previous tender when licenses were extended to Pink TV,...

N1 and Nova S sued REM

"The reasoning behind REM's decision is a set of general statements, unsupported by evidence or real facts, and REM has in no way proven...
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