There are more than 200 television stations in the entire Adria region, about 1000 radio stations, and a large number of Internet portals and print media that produce significant amounts of media information daily.

Media Desk is the first agency in this area specializing in mediation services between interested individuals, companies, and investors, who want to invest their money in the media and seller – the owners of these media who are interested in the sale of their media and/or recapitalization of the same for further expansion in the market.

With a professional approach and high discretion, we approach each client, whether he is a buyer or seller, and objectively evaluate the current media position on the market, working equally in favor of all interested parties.

To electronic media sellers (Radio, TV, Web Portali, Print), we offer a realistic assessment of the value of media on the market, we contact potential customers and are actively involved in negotiations on sales or recapitalization.

For buyers and investors in electronic media, we analyze the position of a particular media in the market, and its potential and growth and/or target negotiations with the media for which the customer has shown interest with full discretion to the media owner, whether we have it in our offer or not.

We analyze the entire process of buying or selling through business, legal and financial documentation with the engagement of experts for an in-depth recording of the company’s/media business.

We are also at your service if you want to find a strategic partner with a minority, equal or majority share in your medium with which you want to achieve further growth and development.

You can see our current media offer (television, radio, web, print) for sale/buy below.

Ask for more information at the meeting and the presentation of the offer on the phone at +385 98 376 028 or e-mail at [email protected].