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Media desk d.o.o., a specialized agency for buying and selling media, has included another media in its offer – a news web portal with a large user base on social networks that covers Dalmatia and Croatia with content and information.

The portal is sold separately from the company so there are no financial or other obstacles to continue working IMMEDIATELY with a ready-made news and reader base. Unique in the offer and available at a good price!

Also in the database of the Media Desk are three regional news portals that are leaders in their markets in Podravina, Lika, and Istria.

In addition to general portals, there is also one specialized in the fields of health and beauty. You can see the offer of all web portals here.

The offer also includes television, radio stations, and print media.

Request more information at the meeting and presentation of the offer by phone at +385 98 376 028 or e-mail at