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The specialized media buying and selling agency Media desk offers several radio stations that are looking for new owners or partners, and you are given an ideal opportunity to enter the world of media or expand your portfolio.

Radio is a fun, exciting, and direct medium that many adore and is experiencing its new youth. It should be emphasized that radio is not only a good opportunity for business, but also for spreading influence and ideas!

We offer two FM radio stations that perfectly cover the city of Zagreb and the surrounding area. Both radio stations have all the equipment, work permits, profitability, are very popular and have a very good price! Of course, they are sold separately.

Also in our offer are two excellent and innovative radio stations in Dalmatia, each in its city is by far the most listened to, and in addition to the headquarters, they cover the wider surroundings of the same. These radio stations are also profitable, with all the work permits, and are an excellent investment opportunity.

For all additional information and the meeting, feel free to contact us by e-mail at or by phone at +385 98 376 028.