Radio Slobodni Maribor, RTV service of Slovenia, Vili Mešič, Radio Maribor
  • On this day in 1945, at 1 pm, in accordance with the instructions of the new political authorities in Maribor, Radio Slobodni Maribor began broadcasting. Preparatory works for the start of broadcasting were performed with the help of his own equipment by a young radio technician Vili Mešič. Mešič was a fan of radio technology, music and gramophone records. Before World War II he was employed by Radio Starkel. He made a transmitter that he has sometimes used since 1943 to transmit music from his gramophone records. After the war ended, the Maribor military command asked Mešič to use his transmitter to broadcast information to citizens, which he did from his apartment at 14 Tyrševa Street. Thus began the official broadcast of Radio Maribor. In the first days, all the shows were broadcast live, except for the music that was broadcast from the records. In order for the citizens to be able to listen to the program of Radio Maribor, 50 speakers have been installed in the city. Today, Radio Maribor is part of the public RTV service of Slovenia.