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  • On this day in 1935, the famous TV presenter Kamenko Katić was born in the small village of Đurđevo. Although he attended the Realna Gymnasium in Novi Sad, he finished the high school of veterinary medicine in Šabac and worked as a veterinarian for a period of time. He then briefly studied veterinary medicine and agronomy, then history and geography, and finally decided to study ethnology at the Faculty of Philosophy. As a student, he started working as a speaker on Radio Titograd, and then on Radio Sarajevo. He was one of the first television hosts on Radio Television Sarajevo after its establishment. In January 1962, he transferred to Television Belgrade, where he presented the weather forecast for 17 years on the central news program TV Dnevnik. After that, he moved to the section of the documentary program, where he did over 300 reports as an author and presenter. Kamenko was one of the most beloved television personalities of the former Yugoslavia, and viewers often called him “our Kamenko.” In the song Halid invalid Hari Ramba Amadeus, Kamenko is mentioned in the verse “Kamenko said it will be a rainy day, we stopped at my uncle’s and borrowed an umbrella.” Kamenko died on March 31, 2018. at the age of 83.

  • By changing the concept of the program and the previous name TOP kanal, on this day in 2019, the television NOVA S was created, part of the brand NOVA TV.