As part of the international project Media for allJournalift has just been launched – a media platform designed as a multimedia online knowledge center with the latest practical practices and information for people who want to know more about media development, media business, and the latest trends in the media industry.

In addition to detailed articles and analyses written by more than 30 media experts from the region (Media daily also participates in the project), you can find news on the Media for All project, the latest resources on the WB6 media scene, and free e-courses in all regional languages (but also in English).

E-courses, which are the most important segment of the platform, cover a broad aspect of the media business. In them, you can find out e.g. about business models for monetizing content for media houses and how to make your media more competitive in the digital environment.

Journalift’s mission is to provide journalists, media professionals, media owners, and media professionals with information and support in the areas of business development, growth, and media sustainability.

The Journalift platform has four language versions – English, Albanian, Macedonian, and Serbian / Croatian / Bosnian / Montenegrin. It was created following the latest standards for Internet accessibility.

The Journalift project is funded by the United Kingdom Government’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) and is implemented by a consortium of the British Council (lead partner), the Thomson Foundation, the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and the international NGO Training and Research Center. (INTRAC).