It used to take centuries before social and/or technological changes took place. Since the second half of the 19th century, these periods of change have condensed into decades. And in the last twenty years or so, it’s been about years and even months. Media Daily is also a witness to that. That is, the texts published in it. In the media and telecom world, not only globally but also regionally, a lot has changed since our portal was launched three years ago today. The coronavirus pandemic also contributed to this by accelerating the processes of media transformation and media technology that had already begun.

There is a long list of these changes in the past three years, which can be found in the archives of our portal. The most important ones should be singled out. Let’s start with the flourishing of streaming and VoD platforms, practically real industries that turn billions of dollars a year. We then follow the multiplication of podcasts of all kinds, the adaptation of classical television through integration with other media, the galloping influence of social networks that are not legally treated as media but crucially affect all other classical and electronic media. The coronavirus pandemic has led to an explosion of applications that, like the most popular Zoom, enable remote meetings and conferences, etc.

Furthermore, there have been major changes in the last three years, much larger globally than in the region, in the models of subscription and billing of content on portals. At the same time, also with different models of billing, there was an accelerated transfer of newspapers from print to the digital edition, many of which were mostly local that has to shut down due to the pandemic. Again, much faster in the developed world than in our environment, digital radio has begun to replace FM radio, and what should certainly be registered as an advanced process to which there is no return, is impregnation and almost the integration of telecom and media sector, which will with the greater development of the 5G network will experience a scale of which we now have no idea.

When we talk about the regional “media-telecommunications” event that marked the past three years, and which Media Daily regularly reported on, is the rise of United Media and its conflicts, for various reasons that can be reduced to one – money, with the authorities or competitors companies in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia.

It was, therefore, three short but turbulent years after which, as it is commonly said, nothing in the media world is the same as before. We will be glad if the articles published on our pages, collected from different sources and different parts of the world, in addition to expanding the horizons of knowledge about accelerated media changes, also contributed to some new ideas or at least the implementation of already proven solutions in this area. If at least one article was successful, we will consider our mission a success.