On the eve of World Radio Day (February 13), Media daily, the only specialized media portal in the region, organizes the largest online gathering of radio experts on the topic of FM, DAB +, or ONLINE radio.

The directors and owners of the most innovative radio media in the region will speak about the current situation of the radio and its future, program novelties, and distribution methods, at the MEDIA DAILY PANEL 004:

  • Adnan Osmanagić, owner and director of RSG Group from Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Maja Rakovic, owner and director of Naxi radio group from Serbia
  • Franko Pavić, owner and director of Antena Zadar group from Croatia and
  • Andrej Vodušek, director of Infonet media from Slovenia.  

The moderators of the panel are the editor-in-chief of Media daily Neven Šantić and the founder and director of Media daily Zoran Kovačić.

Watch MEDIA DAILY PANEL 004 LIVE on Tuesday, February 9 from 6 pm on the Media daily Facebook page.