Soon, it will be four months since our portal entered the media space. I have deliberately skipped over the use of the phrase the virtual space. Because yes, portals are part of the virtual world, but what is being published in Media Daily is far from virtually. The real media world, with all its beautiful and ugly sides, reflects on our portal with all its life.  Anyone who has read at least one of the nearly two thousand texts published so far can testify.

For the four months of existence, we decided to celebrate in a way by giving tens of thousands of our readers, primarily in the region but also in more than 80 countries – new sections and rubrics from September 1st.

On the cover page from the beginning of the September readers will be able to notice that there is no Other section. Instead, we will introduce the Press section where we will place the texts dealing with print media, a wide area of ​​rights and problems of journalists and journalism in general, as well as other media such as film. With regard to the development of digital media and the influence of telecommunications companies not only on their development but also on business penetration, we will introduce a special section Telecom. It will cover texts on the operation and development of the telecommunications world, primarily companies operating in the region. We intend to make these small changes to our visitors for better viewing of content.

But, as the well-known propaganda catchphrase says, that’s not all. We also introduce two new columns. Both with no doubt will become a favorite.  The first one is The Time Machine, a section that will be “happened today” news but specializing in media topics, people, and events. Of course, the focus is on recalling the events of the media world from these areas, but we will also remind you of the most important events and individuals in the media history at all.

The second new section will be a brief, an ironic critique of events in the media we are dealing with, television, radio and the web. Our associates will be able to talk about media personalities and their careers when it naturally deserves.

We want a dynamic interaction with the media while giving the space for controversy, at the moment when popular television criticism has been pushed to the edge of old and new media. We believe that by enriching the content of our portal, we will deepen our relationship with our regular readers, as well as attract new media that are not just a business but also a life choice.