Every day we read and listen about another newspaper going down the financial rabbit hole. We hear of television stations and radio stations changing their owners, while new web portals are emerging on a daily basis and many of them are tangled in rewriting or spreading fake news…

Journalists’ associations and trade unions are also warning of dismissal of journalists, hard working conditions and existential insecurity while at the same time media entrepreneurs are faced with low competition on a relatively small and unregulated market. And then again, there is not a single day without information about some new technological wonder being born right in the center of IT industry, which will, if not, bring about a revolution in the media and in the production of media content.

It is probably hard to find an activity that is more dynamic than the media. Especially in southeastern Europe. The old is collapsing and the new is being born, but above all, it is a chaotic situation in which the so-called human factor, colleagues working in the media and people interested in the media field, find it hard to handle everyday situations. Forget about all the information if they are scattered across dozens of media – all is in vain if we miss those “real” media stories and stories of media.

In the South Eastern Europe there is no such media – a media that is exclusively oriented to the world of media, the media field and the media production. This is the main reason why we have decided to launch a specialized Media Daily portal. We would like to unite information that would be of interest to all those who work in the media industry, from Slovenia to Macedonia, or are affiliated with it, but also to those outside this area who are interested in our regional media image. It is not difficult to figure out why the portal will be regional. A portal with a specific theme would be economically unbearable for such a small country, and such are all in these areas. Also, after gaining independence, all those small countries on the territory of the former Yugoslavia undergone similar experiences and problems, differentiated only by practices, which makes it suitable for comparison and possible exchange of ideas.

If the information that we publish contribute to media’s openness, to professionalism, walking hand in hand with technological innovations, if it will help the development of media in this area, the purpose of our launch will be fulfilled. We will be truly a media for media, in the service of the media and those who create them or depend on them.

We opted for the portal and not some other media – in the 21st century it is not only in a symbolic but at a factual level an online medium that unites all media, the media of the present and the future (while we wait for another technological miracle). The devastated newspapers are unthinkable today without their portals and tomorrow’s portal development will be imperative for surviving in the media world. Today, you cannot have a serious television or radio station without running its own portal and the Internet is now becoming a key place for production, used for more than just mere transfer of media content. Remember those days when something like that was conceivable only in newspapers, radio and on television?

Last year in autumn, when we started thinking about launching the Media Daily portal, we already knew how we want to work and what kind of media do we want to be. The rest was a question of financial sustainability, but eventually, we put aside all dilemmas and opted for the only possible way of survival, the one in which we would financially depend on our readers. It’s about buying content or subscribing.

Wise people have said there is no such media that is completely independent. Namely, there is no such media that doesn’t depend on at least knowledge and the abilities of the people who edit it – a media whose existence does not depend on its readers does not exist. If we want to justify the expectations of media workers from these areas, who we interviewed some time ago, to see what our potential readers think of our project, we must be professional and independent and work on topics that others do not want to discuss or will not write about. The only way to achieve this is to live from these readers, from paying the content they want to read. We will not reject classic commercials either. But we do not want to get into the situation that anyone who pays advertising space condition what will we write and in what manner. We want to depend only on those who are interested in what we are doing and who are willing to pay for it.

We commit ourselves to them, hoping to justify their expectations and their trust.