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Leading creators of video content on social networks

Videoclick company, which specializes in online video analytics and production, had its presentation at the Weekend Media Festival this year. Its leader is Ivan Lovreček, until a year and...

Growth of electronic communications market in Serbia

The Electronic Communications and Postal Services Regulatory Agency (RATEL) has released an analysis of the electronic communications market in Serbia in 2018. Total revenue generated...

Some media in Serbia have reached the bottom

What some media in Serbia do is bottom of the bottoms. I do not know how else to call the situation that is happening...

The case of Barbara Ž. and Studio B

Completely anonymous reporter of Studio B Barbara Životić became the most famous „journalist“ in Serbia after she has shown how „reports“ from the field are made.

Everyone is attacking us because we are too strong

For years, Branko Čakarmiš has been one of the leading people in television and not just in Slovenia. Pro Plus, which produces televisions Pop...

AKOS even counted seconds of talking to the host

Infonet manages Radio 1 (Radio Ena), one of the most listened radio stations in Slovenia and Radio Antena which is one of the most...
North Macedonia

Why young people don’t watch TV

Young people don’t read the newspapers, they don’t watch television because of numerous Turkish series, and in the absence of foreign news in domestic...
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cvijanović managed to laugh the region: What is Freedom

Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović is again the theme of jokes in the media that are not controlled by the...

The number of online users in 2018 will grow in high...

On the Conference CODE which brought together the cream of the people who are dealing with digital technologies and start-up business community, the investor...

YouTube launches its own music streaming service

Next week, YouTube enters the music streaming market with YouTube Music. The platform will offer to listeners two options – a free version with...

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