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Zadarski portal, Zadar, Exercitus, Ice cream group, Agency for Electronic Media, AEM, Branko Bungur, Boris Homovec

New portal in Zadar!

Two months ago, a new online media project - the Zadarski portal - appeared on the media market in Zadar. It is a portal that publishes, in...
salaries in Croatian media, Council for Electronic Media, Croatian Electronic Media Council, Agency for Electronic Media, Josip Popovac, Davor Marić

What are the salaries of the members of the Croatian Electronic...

In our large analysis in seven parts, we talked about the average net salaries of almost all media in Croatia. Some of our subscribers...
Radio Koprivnica, DAB+, digital radio, Happy FM, Extra FM, Agency for Electronic Media,

Radio Koprivnica will soon be in DAB+

Radio Koprivnica is one of three radio stations that received a concession for DAB+ digital radio broadcasting at the level of the DB0-DC0 region, that is, for...
Raf promotion, Agency for Electronic Media, Radio 101, 101 Rock, 101 Soft sound, Bernardica Trzan, Petra Pavlek, Mirjana Podhraški,

Radio 101 has just been revived!

You won't believe it, but Radio 101 is not dead, although it seemed, after the cessation of DAB+ broadcasting, that this radio had disappeared from the...
DAB+, Agency for Electronic Media, AEM, digital radio croatia,

There is a public interest for DAB+ radio in two more...

This year's first tender for DAB+ radio concessions showed that there is a certain interest of broadcasters in broadcasting programs in digital terrestrial format, which...
Radio NU, Imotska Krajina, Agency for Electronic Media, Dogan media, Ante Dodig

The new radio will start broadcasting soon

The new radio station, which will broadcast a variety of content from informative, and sports to entertainment, is preparing to start broadcasting its ambitious...

New sports TV channel coming soon

A new specialized sports TV channel, dedicated to the promotion of Croatian sports, is coming to the Croatian market with numerous sports broadcasts, reports,...
EON TV,Optimus prime informatics

A new specialized TV channel has started broadcasting

After a long preparation, a new domestic television channel appeared on the Telemach IPTV platform EON TV. In addition to the set-top box, the TV channel is...
HR Klape, HRT, Agency for Electronic Media, AEM,HRTi

HRT launched two new radio programs

As we have already written, HRT has decided to launch more thematic radio programs, but this time permission was requested from the Agency for Electronic Media (AEM) before...

Record number of registered electronic publications in 2022

A record number of electronic publications, as many as 76, were registered in Croatia in 2022. This is 20 publications more than in 2021. Of the...
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