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Do you trust the results of viewership, listening, or reading?

Vote in the poll! Measuring television viewership, radio listenership, and online portal readership often causes controversy in professional circles. Some argue that they are rigged...

Television viewership at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic

Since the introduction of more stringent precautionary measures concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, which have been activated in Croatia since March 22, television viewership has been increasing....

Take a look at Nielsen’s TV ratings in the region

Nielsen processed television viewing data from the start of the coronavirus crisis until the end of March. We provide an exclusive graphical representation of data...

TV viewership 02/2020

The big battle for viewership is still waged among national televisions in Serbia. We release collective data for February of a public service broadcaster...

Who is the most viewed in August?

Today, we are bringing you summary of data for national television coverage in Serbia for August 2019. Data refer to share and reach. Source: RTS

The years spent in front of the small screen

According to Nielsen's results, Americans have no measure when it comes to watching television. The time spent in front of the TV screen is measured...

Television viewership for May, 2019

As rarely elsewhere in the region, public service in Serbia has very high ratings. So when you already have high ratings, you usually talk...
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hayat television accused hard the Audience Measurement

In a harsh press release, Hayat television with all available verbal means embarked on Audience Mesaurement (AM) from Sarajevo, the only authorized Agency to...

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