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Una TV’s ambitions have subsided

The management and the hidden owner of the Una TV project, which was publicly promoted as a top highly professional technological reach garnished with unprecedented programming...
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Four television stations want a fifth national frequency

Interest in the fifth national television terrestrial frequency is significantly lower than it was in the previous tender when licenses were extended to Pink TV,...
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Bosnia and Herzegovina

How is the transmitter setup in MUX D going?

The belated digitization of terrestrial broadcasting in Bosnia and Herzegovina continues. We present an overview of the DVB-T transmitters installed so far in MUX D, according to...
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The highest gross salary in the media in Serbia is as...

For the first time, we exclusively present data on gross salaries in the 50 largest media in Serbia, with comparative tables for 2019, 2020, and...
Reaktor, Una World, Una TV, Dubravka Gajić
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Reaktor show is starting

Some television stations are already starting their autumn schedule, especially since the elections in BH are getting closer, and socio-political topics are getting hotter...
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The collapse of the UNA TV system continues

After the notice periods that have already been distributed or will soon be on UNA TV in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, the disintegration of this...
UNA TV, Una World, A1 Croatia, Croatian Telecom, Srđan Praštalo

Is this the end of UNA TV?

As we have already written several times, it seems that the definitive end has come for the Croatian branch of UNA TV. Namely, as Jutarnji list...

The decision about who will get the national frequency will be...

The session of the REM Council, where it will be decided which television and radio stations will receive a national frequency, is scheduled for...
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What do reputable journalists think about who will get a national...

Last week, Media Daily conducted an exclusive independent survey among respected journalists and public figures with the question of who will get the national television frequency...
Una TV, Telemach, BH Telecom, Mtel, Eronet, United Group,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

What is happening with Una TV?

The project of the regional television Una TV continues to get stuck in its implementation in Croatia, and not everything is going according to plan in...
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