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The media at the time of the corona

As a zealous and conscientious citizen, over 65, I spend time at home, reading, cycling, making phone calls, watching television, etc. Sometimes it feels...

Exclusive news! REM finally made the decision on national TV frequency

It is finally here! After a year and a half since the announcement of the Public Competition for licensing terrestrial television media broadcasting in the Republic...

Radio Karolina news

Radio Karolina -light and nice - present in the Serbian media scene since 2013. Initially, only in the territory of Belgrade was covered,...

The case of Barbara Ž. and Studio B

Completely anonymous reporter of Studio B Barbara Životić became the most famous „journalist“ in Serbia after she has shown how „reports“ from the field are made.

What do employees in Serbian national television think of a new...

The Serbian public will soon know who will get a concession for the fifth national private television. The contest is concluded, and the concessionaire...

EXCLUSIVE! Top list of the largest media in Serbia 2017

Media Daily is bringing you an exclusive analysis of 40 of the largest media in Serbia in 2017 based on revenue. In addition, we...

The 5th National Frequency competition extended until the 10th of July

A deadline for submitting applications for the vacant national television broadcast frequency in Serbia, which was initially the 26th of June, after the publishing...

The owner of Alo takes over Studio B?

Three years after the privatization, the Belgrade Studio B will soon get a new owner - Saša Blagojević, who bought the daily Alo last...

Four televisions in the race for the new national frequency

Television BK and Kopernikus, but, according to unofficial information, N1 and Belgrade Studio B will enter the race for the remaining, fifth, national frequency...

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