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News from Telemach Montenegro

Telemach Montenegro has prepared a surprise for its customers in the period from 20 June to 31 August. At that time, all additional digital channels...

Strengthening of the Media Unions

The Montenegrin Media syndicate (SMCG) was founded in Podgorica in 2013, as a partial syndicate of Union free syndicate of Montenegro, has increased its...

Exclusive: List of top media in Montenegro in 2017.

Data on how well media in Montenegro are doing are finally collected, so it is possible to compile a list of the 25 largest,...

Hybrid media war against Montenegro

A security expert from Belgrade Darko Trifunović announced through the Montenegrin portals that Montenegro is preparing for war. According to his sources, Russia is launching...

Public services are for the public

Public media service can only exist as a provider of quality and credible content and function independently of political and other particular interests –...

Informatics Literacy development in Montenegro

Vladan Tabaš, an electrical engineer from Podgorica, is a president of the Digital Transfusion Committee of the Association of Montenegrin Managers and founder and...

Serbia Broadband to stop distribution of AMC channels

Serbian cable TV operator Serbia Broadband (SBB) announced that it will no longer offer channels from AMC Group, as of August 28 this year. The...
North Macedonia

Regulatory bodies and pluralism in the TV sector

How do the regulatory bodies in Macedonia, Croatia and Montenegro use the mechanisms of issuing licenses, and with what politics and visions are they...

Professional association of citizen emergency network has been launched in Montenegro

After several months of preparation, the Professional association of citizen emergency network of Montenegro has been launched. It is a special radio amateur working...

Exclusive gastronomic adventure: The second season of “Profesionalac”

The Advance Media production house launched Kitchen TV in July 2016., as the first and only regional culinary TV channel. The program is currently...

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