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The Croatian Association of Digital Publishers (HUDI) was founded almost a year ago and began serious work six months ago. We learned what was done in that period from the executive director of the association, Mia Biberović.

HUDI working groups are working intensively on standardizing the measurement of...

The Croatian Association of Digital Publishers (HUDI) was founded almost a year ago and began serious work six months ago. We found out what was done...

ZEM and ZASP voted out

And it's over. Yesterday, the Croatian Parliament passed the long-awaited Law on Electronic Media (ZEM) and the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (ZASP). A total of 77 votes were...
Andrej Plenković, Vijeće za elektroničke medije, VEM, Radio 101,

An offer that should not be rejected

At the end of the week, Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković sent a clear message to the Electronic Media Council (VEM) that the scandalous case of awarding the...
AEM, VEM, Josip Popovac, Robert Tomljenović, Vanja Gavran, Damir Bučević, Damir Marić, Katija Kušec, Anita Malenica,

The analysis of all bids for the concession of the 101...

What a disgrace, a joke, and a loss of reputation for those six members of the Council for Electronic Media (VEM), but also for the...

Haunted frequency

For thirty years, the broadcasting reality in Croatia has been marked by one frequency - 101 MHz. In the 1990s, that frequency was synonymous with...
nepce svijet, emil tedeschi, vijeće za elektroničke medije, Ivan Jurić Kaćunić, narodni radio, antena zagreb, aem

TOP radio did not have the best offer

Following its scandalous decision, the Electronic Media Council (VEM) published a comparative table of all bids for the former Radio 101 concession, from which it is clear that the TOP radio bid...

Assembly of the Journalists Union of was held

At the 33rd Assembly of the Croatian Journalists 'Union (SNH), held on Saturday, June 12, at the Journalists' House in Zagreb, the work of the...

What will the vertical integration of telecoms and media bring?

There are more and more mentions of the possibility of changing Article 68 of the proposal of the new Electronic Media Act (ZEM), which should...
Ivan Jurić Kaćunić, narodni radio, antena zagreb, agencija,elektronicke medije

Salting a bird’s tail

As things currently stand, according to documents published so far in the weekly Nacional, there is little chance that the big media scandal of concealing...

Ivan Jurić Kaćunić is the fictitious owner of the Narodni Radio

For the third week in a row, the weekly Nacional publishes correspondence and secret documents from which it is evident that some of the most listened...
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