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Coronavirus is causing problems for the marketing industry as well

Not only does the Coronavirus threaten the lives of people around the world, but it is also beginning to seriously affect the economy. So Facebook...

How much Slovenians use social networks and applications?

With a survey on the use of social networks and chat services in Slovenia in 2018-2019, market research firm Valicon explored the "habits" of...

Throwback: Media 2019 – Part 1

As in the previous year, at the transition from the old to the new year, we bring a recapitulation of the most important events...

Leading creators of video content on social networks

Videoclick company, which specializes in online video analytics and production, had its presentation at the Weekend Media Festival this year. Its leader is Ivan Lovreček, until a year and...

The EU’s response to the dominance of tech giants

The EU institutions have begun to think about plans to compete with the world's Internet and technology giants. In Brussels, some officials have developed a plan to...

Growth of electronic communications market in Serbia

The Electronic Communications and Postal Services Regulatory Agency (RATEL) has released an analysis of the electronic communications market in Serbia in 2018. Total revenue generated...

The consequence of Facebooks’ eavesdropping

Ever since Facebook admitted that it had eavesdropped on users through its Messenger app, Germany has opened an investigation of this case, and other...

Google is testing a new social network

Although they did not go well with its own Google+ network, the Internet giant from the United States began testing a new social network. The...

How to prevent extremism on the internet?

After the terrorist attack in Christchurch in March this year, which was broadcast live via social networks, the Internet-dominated companies reacted. The world leaders and...
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Digital advertising in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mid-spring last year I had the chance to be part of an internationally organized research team engaged to collect data for the...

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