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Siniša Đuranović is no longer the director of Tportal

At the head of the only online media owned by Croatian Telecom (HT), Tportal, there has been a change in the position of director. The previous director, Siniša...
Kostas Nebis, Croatian Telecom, Deutsche Telecom Group, OTE Group, Nataša Rapaić, Dominique Leroy

Kostas Nebis leaves Croatian Telecom

Kostas Nebis, President of the Management Board of Croatian Telecom (HT), will leave Croatian Telecom on July 1, 2024, and continue his career in the Deutsche...
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Read first! Balkan sport is coming

As we first wrote, Arena sport channels are launching a series of new sports TV channels under the name Balkan sport. Arena has registered Balkan sport channels 1-3 for the...
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TOP 20 largest telecoms in the region: Telecom Serbia is still...

For the sixth year in a row, we are publishing data on the revenues, profits, and number of employees of the 20 largest telecom operators in...
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N1 remains on the MaxTV platform

The uncertainty finally ended because, at the last moment, before the expiration of the old one, a new Agreement on the continuation of cooperation...

Will N1 remain on the Croatian Telecom platform?

At the end of this month, the contract with which Croatian Telecom (HT) redistributed N1 television as part of the Max TV platform ends, although last year it...
Discovery film and video, Doku TV, Kino TV, Horror TV, GOOD TIMES, A1 Croatia, Telemach Croatia, Croatian Telecom, specialized TV channel

Discovery is launching a fourth specialized TV channel

Discovery film and video from Zagreb decided to launch another specialized TV channel, and it already owns three (Doku TV, Kino TV, and Horror TV). It is...

Richard Brešković opened a company

The former marketing director of Croatian Telecom, Richard Brešković, opened his own company and went into private business. We first reported that Brešković no longer works...
Croatian Regulatory Agency for Network Activities, HAKOM, quality of services, mobile public electronic communication networks, NET CHECK GmbH, HT, Croatian Telecom, A1 Croatia, Telemach Croatia

The first independent measurement of the quality of mobile communication networks...

The Croatian Regulatory Agency for Network Activities (HAKOM) had the quality of services measured in mobile public electronic communication networks in the territory of the...

The competition for frequency allocation has started

HAKOM has started the bidding process for issuing licenses for the use of RF spectrum for mobile communication networks in the frequency bands 800 MHz,...
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