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Jiří Dvorjančanský is leaving

Jiří Dvorjančanský joined the A1 team in August 2014 in the position of President of the Management Board of A1 Croatia, and now the company has...
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TOP 20 largest telecoms in the region: Telecom Serbia is still...

For the sixth year in a row, we are publishing data on the revenues, profits, and number of employees of the 20 largest telecom operators in...
A1 Makedonija, Offensity, ICT usluge, A1 Telekom Austria Group, internetska sigurnost

A1 unlocked the Šport TV channels

A1 Slovenia has unlocked for all its TV service users who do not have the Šport TV 1 program in their programming scheme during the 2023 Basketball World...
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The return of the greatest Croatian chef – the premiere on...

Tomislav Tom Gretić, one of the best Croatian chefs, returns to Kitchen TV - with the second season of the series Veliki zalogaji (Big Bites). Namely, the only...
Digital 2022, regional conference, Slavica Trifunović, Vladimir Lučić, Telecom Serbia, Dejan Turk, A1 Serbia, A1 Slovenia, Slobodan Đinović, Orion Telecom, Zoran Vasiljev, Centil Group, Dejan Ljuština

Digital 2022 has started

The regional conference on trends in telecommunications and media Digital 2022 started yesterday in the hall of the Metropol Palace Hotel in Belgrade. The conference, with...
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United media welcomes the intention to regulate sports TV rights

The Slovenian government intends to soon solve the problem of the list of broadcasts of sports competitions that must be available to 75% of the population...
Agency for the Protection of Market Competition, AVK, Pro plus, United Group, Sport Klub, Arena Sport,

United media announced a public offer for the distribution of 11...

For a while, Sportklub's channels were not available in the offers of the largest telecom operators, except in the proprietary Telemach, so United media decided on an unusual public...
IPTV, AKOS, pay TV technologies, digital cable TV, Telecom Slovenia, T-2, Telemach, A1 Slovenia

IPTV continues to grow in Slovenia

IPTV (Internet protocol television) continues to grow in Slovenia at the expense of other pay TV technologies. According to the published data of the regulator AKOS, in...

Telecom Slovenia is suing Pro plus

At the end of last year, Telecom Slovenia, through the Ljubljana law firm Golobič Osterman, filed a lawsuit in the District Court against the largest private...

Arena sport 3 and 4 are starting

As we have already written, with the large purchase of sports TV rights, Arena sport has decided to launch two additional TV channels to be able to...
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