Multiplex D, Plješivica, Kozara, Vlašić, Majevica, Tušnica, Bjelašnica, Trovrh, Velež, Una TV, Prva BH, Nova BH, BN TV, OBN, O kanal,Regulatory Communications Agency, RAK, Multiplex D, MUX D, Dasto Semtel, Siniša Ninković, Elvir Švrakić, Vladimir Trišić, BN television, Hayat, Slavica Karačić, RTV Herceg Bosna, AlJazeera Balkans, Nova BH, OBN, O Kanal,

Multiplex D is progressing slowly

In BiH, the installation of a transmitter for commercial digital terrestrial TV broadcasting in Multiplex D is in progress. It has just been six months since...
Transmitters and connections, OIV, Sljeme, Long Haul, transmission systems, IP/MPLS network, Zvonimir Vražić, Jan Šturik, Nenad Buzadžija, Mario Žemlić, Dubravko Balaško, Stipe Pavlović, Tomislav Damjanović, Stjepan Oborovečki, Bojan Futivić,

The Sljeme transmitter is also being modernized

Transmitters and connections (OIV) are performing works on the Sljeme facility, namely the third and fourth phases of the replacement of Long Haul (LH) transmission systems of...
United Group, Nikolai Andreev, Nova Broadcasting Group, Atanas Dobrev, Dirk Gerkens,

Changes at the helm of United Group’s Bulgarian business

United Group announced on Wednesday that there have been changes in the leading positions of the companies within their Bulgarian business. Thus, Nikolai Andreev was appointed executive director...
LaserDisc, David Paul Gregg, James Russell, MCA, DiscoVision, Pioneer Electronics

LaserDisc Pioneer CLD-1800

I believe a good part of you have never seen what LaserDisc looks like, let alone owned it, as this video playback technology was not very...
Philips DCC 900, Sony's MiniDisc, how to fix Philips DCC 900 recorder, kako popraviti

Philips DCC 900 recorder

The Philips DCC 900 recorder is an audio device that was created in 1992 and was presented to the public as a digital replacement for an...
RIZ odašiljači, radio industrija zagreb

RIZ transmitters will continue to work

RIZ was founded in 1948 as Radio Industrija Zagreb to produce transmitters for broadcasting. The first product was the Učka radio transmitter, which began mass production in...
AdScanner, Vodafone,

AdScanner gets a new investment injection

AdScanner has raised additional capital that will be directed to expand in the global market. Namely, after the successful 1st quarter of 2021, in which revenues...

OIV exhibition – 95 years of radio and 65 years of television in Croatia

There is no doubt that broadcasting marked the 20th century to a great extent and paved the way for today's dominance of multimedia, so...

New DAB + antennas on Psunj

Transmitters and connections (OIV) yesterday, in order to increase coverage of the DAB + signal in the consumption area of the Psunj transmitter, replaced the old antennas...

Modernization of TV Pink field recording

Pink Television recently launched a major technical modernization program to enhance its news production capabilities. As part of this initiative, TV Pink has implemented XDCAM air licenses for...
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