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Croatian Radio launched an additional four radio programs

As we have already written, Croatian Radio has decided to launch six new music radio programs. In January, two were already established, and these days the...
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How is Top Radio operating?

Zagreb-based Top radio, which received a controversial radio concession on 101 MHz in 2021, about which a court case is still ongoing, has not achieved employment even...
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However, three new radios in the DAB+ network

The Council for Electronic Media (VEM) decided on granting concessions for digital radio for broadcasting via the terrestrial DAB+ network. Although there were four applications, due to...
Radio Županja, Boris Debak, Mira Živković, Branka Galović Dabić

Boris Debak is no longer the director of Radio Županja

There has been a change in the head position of Croatian Radio Županja again. This is already the third change in the last two...
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Pensioners start their own radio

A day has come. A few days ago, the first internet radio aimed at pensioners was launched in Zagreb. It is about Radio HAESU,...
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There is a public interest for DAB+ radio in two more regions

This year's first tender for DAB+ radio concessions showed that there is a certain interest of broadcasters in broadcasting programs in digital terrestrial format, which...
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Changes at Radio Slavonija

Radio Slavonija, a radio broadcaster from Slavonski Brod, which FM signal covers the area of Brod-Posavina County and the towns of Požega, Kutjevo, and...
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Plans for the commercialization of the DAB+ network

The test DAB+ network in Serbia is currently broadcast from six locations; Avala, Crveni Čot, Subotica, Ovčar, Tupižnica, and Jastrebac. From these locations, 78% of the population of...
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Confirmed writing of Media daily; Four offers for DAB+ radio have arrived

As we already wrote, the Agency for Electronic Media (AEM) received and opened four bids from broadcasters to broadcast programs in the DAB+ network. These are existing programs that...

Opening of bids for DAB+ concessions on Wednesday, find out how many have arrived

Ten days ago, the public call for DAB+ digital radio concessions ended, so the Council for Electronic Media (VEM) informed the public that it will open the received...
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