Sanja Božić Ljubičić: a woman who does not stand still

Sanja Božić Ljubičić is a successful businesswoman of exceptional energy who has been running successful projects for years. She is the CEO and owner...

TRX – a new content distribution model

For almost thirty years, in Budapest, the market has been held where, traditionally at the end of the month of June, they gather those...

Paper does not suffer, the Internet does

An experienced journalist, editor, and publicist became a curator of the press museum. We spoke to him about the newspapers and journalism before, today and in the future.

I believe in the future of radio

Legendary radio and TV director Ljubčo Aleksovski celebrated 40 years of work after years of being a chronicler and music information provider. For his work,...

Ceca is not better than Partibrejkers, although she can gather up to 100,000 people

Exclusive Interview: Dragoljub Draža Petrović, Editor-in-Chief of Danas newspaper, about the media today

In today’s world every citizen can have its own media

Interview with Isidora Damjanović, theoretician of media and art

Disk jockey from „Boeing’s“ cockpit

Interview with legendary radio host Zoran Modli

Tracz: external financing give a long-term damage to media

In recent years, the index of media sustainability has been declining in Serbia. The media outlets compete in writing projects for co-financing from the...

Our commitment is intense regional co-operation

The Macedonian Media Institute (MIM) is a significant scientific institution that has succeeded in developing the most mass media platforms, with the aim of...

With 50 cents higher subscription, we would solve our problems

Igor Kadunc came to RTV Slovenia for the first time in 1996, and until 2001 he was an assistant of general manager for finance....

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