Frequently asked questions

1. Why are subscriptions mandatory?

Media Daily does not receive any subsidies or sponsorships from any large or small corporation, governmental or non-governmental institutions, or secret organization. The survey we conducted among the 500 media employees in the beginning, with more than 90% of the answers, points out that the media market expects of us an independent and professional approach to reporting our work. We do not want to be dependent on advertisers, nor is professionalism considered volunteering as the only remaining way to make the portal we are expected to be paid by those who are its users.

2. Okay, but I wanted to first see and test what I paid for?You can read some of the texts unlocked and without any payment and registration on our portal, and thus be convinced of the quality of our work. You can also use one-day INSTANT access at a very reasonable price if you want to read the article published that day, which is not available for free. In this case, registration and payment of the INSTANT subscription are mandatory, and only you can be a member of our community of the entire media industry. When registering you are required to enter only the e-mail address and nothing more. You can always change your registration access code. Giving access codes to other people will block your access because the portal is protected against unauthorized use.

3. What exactly do I get with free testing and what after subscribing to mediadaily.biz?

Full functionality of a web portal that includes an overview of all current and archived audio, video and textual information and analyzes, many of which are exclusive with the ability to comment on them, and the opening and commenting of topics within our forum. Additionally, on mediadaily.biz, we track events from across the region, so you do not have to surf around on different portals looking for information. That’s not all that. The directory can be very useful as information for others to see what you are doing and how easy it is to reach you for doing business or vice versa. The exchange of jobs and services serves your specific freelance and other services offer or look for or read about all the jobs and business opportunities and ongoing tenders.

4. How to subscribe?

Once you are registered you can choose one of the three types of subscriptions that best suits you and based on your media status. The three types of subscriptions are: 1)Student, 2)Standard, 3)Premium. Each subscription, besides Instant which is available for that day within next 12h, can be in the categories ranging from 30 days, 90 days, and 365 days.

5. Understanding subscription categories


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