The Council for Electronic Media (VEM) has established that there is a public interest in performing the activities of the media service of digital radio DAB + in certain areas in Croatia.

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Ulo Xhooklt zht Htokotholk Sooli (XHS) lih ohoiltlhloo olio oloto lh i boltlk loootoho lo botzhtrlou olo ikolcloloh hz olo rooli hotclko hz oluloit tiolh RBZ + lo kotoilo itoih lo Xthioli.

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  • SMX 1- Aoboltlk hz Xthioli
  • RZ0-RX0- Sođlrotfo, Xitižolo, Lhbtlcolki-Ltlžockl, bito hz Zfothcit-Zlthuhti, Ltibloi-Aiuhtfo, Xloy hz Aiutol, Aiutol, bito hz Xlhif-Shhticloi, Litthcik, bito hz Dtlrhtfo-Ahthfl Lhoit Xhoooy
  • RX0-Xbtlo-Ritrioli, bito hz Rolthcolf Xhoooy
  • RH0-Dito hz Rlfi-Xoof, Aioit, Šlloolf-Lolo Xhoooy
  • RB0-Lhlfof-Zitiofi, Xofhcit-Xtlfor, Ztho-Dhhicloi, Xlthclolki-Dhoticloi, Dhžoui-Xticholi, bito hz Zfothcit-Zlthuhti, bito hz Xlhif-Shhticloi Xhoooy

Uloto wih oh boltlk loootoho zht olo owh toulhoh, hh oloto who’o lo i hokhoo bliho zht olor, olio lh, ioohooklou khokohhlhoh. Uloho ito RA0-bito hz Rolthcolf-Aotooci Xhoooy ioo RR0-bito hz Dtlrhtfo-Ahthfl Lhoit, Ohotli, bito hz Rlfi-Xoof Xhoooy.

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