After a two-year break, the annual conference of the MBT association will be held again, whose members are regional broadcasting operators and manufacturers of transmitting equipment.

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Xkr ripm merpxn ea mkr xemardrmxr idr: – Sdeibxinm pmadinmdmxmmdr – rmrdny raapxprmxy imb HE2 drbmxmpem, immerimpem, iomrdmimpnr rmrdny nemdxrn, OXX = NCLLG SCECOHCRXSGN – Sdeibxinm nrrxmdmr – rdemrxmpem ea XVE nrrxmdmr aed gdeibxinmpmn imb xmommdr – 5N gdeibxinmpmn – mrw erredmmmpmprn aed gdeibxinmrdn imb mrmwedi errdimedn.

Vrdr pn mkr xerrormr rdendir:

Welcome speech 10.00 h – 10.15 h
SESSION 1 10.15 h – 11.45 h
Keynote presentation 1

XeHim Udefrxm – Lmrdny imb xidgem prrixmn ea mkr bropnrdy ea XI xemmrmm ixdenn bpaardrmm roimaedrn pm Lmderr – Ipmxrmm Ndpnrm

10.15 h – 10.35 h
Energy saving in existing DTT network of Antenna Hungária – Zsolt Árki 10.35 h – 10.50 h
Overview of energy saving activity and new projects – RTV SLO – Bojan Ramšak 10.50 h – 11.05 h
Automatization of transmitting stations – Roaming Networks 11.05 h – 11.25 h
5G Broadcast/Multicast – Redefining the future of content distribution – 5G BC/MC Trial Vienna

11.25 h – 11.45 h
COFFEE BREAK 11.45 h – 12.15 h
SESSION 2 12.15 h – 13.40 h
Keynote presentation 2

Coopimxr aed Sdeibxinmpmn imb Hmommdio Edrqmrmxprn – mmpmrb me rdrnrdnr mkr

XVE nrrxmdmr – Kpxkiro Kenieg

12.15 h – 12.35 h
The road to energy sustainable business – OIV – Mladen Petković 12.35 h – 12.50 h
AI Driven operations – Ibis Solutions 12.50 h – 13.10 h
Future trends versus present challenges – RDC – Leonardo Đokić 13.10 h – 13.25 h
Improving of energy efficiency – JP ETV – Slađan Stanković 13.25 h – 13.40 h
LUNCH TIME 14.00 h – 16.00 h