A new specialized medium intended to inform readers about news from the world of virtual reality, virtualnastvarnost.net, has just started.

It was created in response to the need for a portal that will deal exclusively with the topics of the virtual world – that of the invisible naked eye and the untouchable real world.

The editorial staff of the portal states that they will write texts about technological achievements and solutions to all forms of augmented realities. It is an inexhaustible topic that has finally experienced a serious phase of development.

Although the concepts of augmented realities have been known for decades, they came under the magnifying glass of the public ten years ago. Oculus laid the foundations of today’s glory on Kickstarter 2013. Shortly afterwards, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and Playstation VR appeared. You’ve probably seen people in the city hunting Pokemon through Pokemon Go and maybe you know someone who lives on Second Life or is building something in Minecraft. At the end of last year, by changing the brand on behalf of Meta, Facebook drove the public crazy and announced a major milestone in business with the term Metaverse.

The publisher of the portal is the company Meta digital from Zagreb, and the initiators of the portal are Ante Fumić and Bruno Čatić.