Provys is a product of DCIT A.S. company from Prague, and it represents an integrated software solution for broadcasters and a flexible broadcast management system. It has been present in the TV industry for almost a quarter century. It managed to survive several economic crisis and TV market’s trend changes.

Until now, Provys has been oriented towards large and bigger-medium-sized broadcaster markets, private, state-funded, as well as public service media. There are dozens of grateful clients across the globe; not only TV content broadcasters, but also production companies and media buyers. Some of them are public service media of the Czech Republic (CT), Slovak Republic (RTVS), Slovenia (RTVSLO), Hungary (MTVA), Estonia (ERR), Ecuador (MPE), but also commercial televisions like Czech Republic’s Nova, Viasat World, AMC Networks, Polsat, Türk Telekom, as well as Gazprom-Media, Telia, TeleValencia and others.

Twenty-four successful years have given the team working on the Provys project valuable experience in working with large broadcasters. It was a period marked by knowledge acquisition, but also by close relationship formation between the team and clients and partners. The team shared their success with clients and partners, but was also there for them during difficult times, always prepared to face new challenges. And in the following years, Provys team will be there, available for professional support and advice.

Strongly believing that new strategy development is necessary, DCIT A.S is prepared to offer new service to its clients.

Broadcasters interested in Provys presentation or testing can schedule them (with no obligation to purchase) by contacting [email protected], The presentations can be organized online, or a demonstrator can carry them out at the broadcaster’s facilities.

Provys is stored on a cloud, so it could be accessible to smaller-medium, small and micro broadcasters of TV content. Provys team knows that broadcasting is hard and responsible work, no matter the size of the channels and the number of viewers. To the team, it does not matter how big is the territory the TV content is broadcast on, but rather how many associates is working on preparing broadcasting TV content.

Medium and small broadcasters’ broadcasting procedures differ from those of the big stations, some procedures are non-existent, and only several people oversee the broadcast, sometimes only one or two associates. And it is not easy for them to prepare content and broadcast content day after day. Provys team strongly believes that the software version for small broadcasters can make their jobs a lot easier. By working with large broadcasters for decades, the team’s advantage is that they are completely immersed in the preparation and broadcasting process of TV content, equally demanding at both large and small stations.

Adjusted Provys contains a scheduling/planning module (with an export playlist option) with a library containing more than extensive meta data, and, for example, allows instant access to license status or to what target group certain content is intended for. Beside this module, new ones are being prepared, as well as the module for organizing in-house production, module for content acquisition or a module for managing non-linear distribution. Those new modules could be integrated into the existing one, with just one click, without additional installation.

If you are a part of the TV management or part of the broadcast planning team, we would appreciate if you could take some time and fill out our online survey. The surveys are available in English, BCMS (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin), Slovenian, Macedonian and Albanian language.

Marcel Para