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As we have already announced, we will soon start with the fourth election for the best regional news portal 2021, this time with the help of the general sponsor Smartocto, which has an intelligent analytical editing tool, which brings effective data to newsrooms.

For three years in a row, the winner of our selection, according to the points of the jury and readers, has always been the Slovenian portal –, and whether this will be the case this year remains to be seen.

Therefore, Media daily and Smartocto are proud to announce this year’s list of 30 nominated news portals, one of which will be the winner of the fourth selection for the best regional news portal in 2021 by the votes of readers and the jury.

But first, let’s clarify how we nominate portals: Like last year, each state has several representatives in relation to the size of the state, with approximately 600,000 inhabitants needed for each portal. So we came to the following number of representatives:

  • Montenegro – 1 representative
  • Northern Macedonia – 3 representatives
  • Slovenia – 3 representatives
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – 6 representatives
  • Croatia – 7 representatives
  • Serbia – 10 representatives – which is a total of 30 portals.

We chose the nominated portals for this year’s TOP 30 according to three criteria. The first was the rating by Gemius and Alexi plus editorial follow-up, the second criterion is the result the portals won last year on our list and the third is the focus on portals that were better rated by the jury. In doing so, we continued to take care of the previous equal representation towards countries, so if a portal from one country dropped out of the list, another entered from the same country.

By applying the above criteria, seven portals that will not compete in 2021 were removed from our last year’s list, and they are:

Instead of these seven portals, this year’s newly nominated portals are:

There have been no changes in Montenegro and Slovenia, and this year they have the same nominated portals as last year.

Here is the whole list of nominees for 2021.

01. BIH Avaz roto press Sarajevo
02. BIH Oslobođenje d.o.o. Sarajevo
03. BIH Intersoft d.o.o. Sarajevo
04. BIH Centar za i.d. mladih B.Luka
05. BIH Al Jazeera Balkans Sarajevo
06. BIH Zid d.o.o. Sarajevo
07. MNE Portal press d.o.o. Podgorica
08. HR Index promocija d.o.o. Zagreb
09. HR Hanza media d.o.o. Zagreb
10. HR RTL Hrvatska d.o.o. Zagreb
11. HR Hanza media d.o.o. Split
12. HR Telegram media grupa Zagreb
13. HR Nova tv d.d. Zagreb
14. HR Hrvatski telekom dd Zagreb
15. NMK Sitel doel Skopje
16. NMK Free press doel Skopje
17. NMK Press 24 Skopje
18. SLO TS media d.o.o. Ljubljana
19. SLO Pro plus d.o.o. Ljubljana
20. SLO RTV Slovenija Ljubljana
21. SRB Ringier Axel Springer Beograd
22. SRB Arena news channels Beograd
23. SRB B92 ad Beograd
24. SRB Mondo inc Beograd
25. SRB Digital Media Network Beograd
26. SRB Novosti ad Beograd
27. SRB Dan graf Beograd
28. SRB Adria news d.o.o. Beograd
29. SRB United media digital Beograd
30. SRB Radio televizija Srbije Beograd


Smartocto election of the best regional news portal in 2021 starts on November 1, 2021.

We will announce who all the members of this year’s jury are on Friday, October 22, 2021.