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Thanks to the constant development of the EON TV platform, users have access to almost all content on-demand on each device, and it is completely personalized.

This award-winning TV platform and how it has raised the consumption of content and multimedia in Croatia to an even more advanced level and was talked about on the first day of the NEM Dubrovnik 2021 TV market by a representative of United Group, a leading provider of media and communication services in Southeast Europe.

“EON in Croatia responds to multiple user needs and connects two worlds into one – linear TV and on-demand. On the content side, it brings the most sought-after channels with the ability to watch up to seven days back. The most-watched information channel N1 and all Sport Klub channels are available to everyone in Croatia. In addition, EON brings channels from the Discovery offer such as Eurosport, Discovery, TLC, etc. that are not present on other platforms. A total of more than 160 different channels with the largest HD offer. Access to the Video Club with over 19,000 titles, which include top series, classic films, but also blockbusters and the most sought-after cartoons, is included in the packages at no extra charge,” said Adrian Ježina, CEO of Telemach Croatia and Slovenia.

The EON platform, which emerged in 2017 as one of the most advanced TV platforms in the region, processes more than 50,000 video content every day and is consumed through more than 1.5 million devices. It brings users the ability to watch content on multiple devices, anywhere, and through any ISP. It also offers the possibility of opening profiles and personalized recommendations, a special environment for children as well as a sporty way of working. It is a “network agnostic” TV service platform, which is ready to distribute all types of content, via any network, to any device, to any location, at any time to a large number of users, and completely personalized.

In addition to bringing almost all of the content available today on demand on almost any personal device, the EON Smart box can be freely called a home entertainment console.

“With the advent of the Google Android TV ecosystem, operators and development centers have been provided with an operating system with a multitude of possibilities that come from the very domain of television. Thus, within the EON TV platform, we have the appearance of a complete “app store” with more than 5,000 applications, as well as a “gaming” segment. Also, users have been enabled to consume personalized private content, photos, audio, video through the same device, as well as to manage their Smart Home devices and TV content via Google Assistant and Voice Search,” said Srđan Đurđević, CEO of United Cloud Development Center.

Also, Đurđević announces that United Cloud is working on even more advanced solutions that EON TV will bring to users: “Our development teams are currently working on creating a unique UX that would go through one device, one application, and one subscription. We want to integrate all available 3rd party applications through EON UI and EON Smart box, so that users can get to the desired content in one place through unified UX, search and content discovery.

One of the panel’s conclusions is that the United Group’s EON TV platform sets standards for the user experience in the region and contributes to developments in the field of multimedia and ways of consuming content.