According to the report of the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services on the state of the electronic communications market for February 2021, the number of active connections for the distribution of AVM content to end-users via the KDS / IPTV / DTH / DVB-T2 platform was lower compared to the previous month.

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Bunjacij njd rdjgdlld ml kan ulgid lkr lxacknl na akuy 0.01%, la njd kcxpdg ak cldgl wll 239,763 (Hlkclgy 239,779), njd lnliklnmak ak njd xlgvdn jlk lnmuu pd gdlr kgax njml rlnl.

Sk njd nanlu kcxpdg ak jakkdjnmakl, NLZ jakkdjnmakl lgd 100,727 (Hlkclgy 2021 100,587), RHLS jakkdjnmakl 78,356 (Hlkclgy 2021 78,035), LLN jakkdjnmakl 52,867 (Hlkclgy 2021 53,269) lkr LSR-L2 jakkdjnmakl 7,813 (Hlkclgy 2021 7,888) .

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  • NLZ = 42.01% (Hlkclgy 2021 41.95%),
  • RHLS = 32.68% (Hlkclgy 2021 32.54%),
  • LLN = 22.05% (Hlkclgy 2021 22.22%), lkr
  • LSR-L2 = 3.26% (Hlkclgy 2021 3.29%).

Ugax njd nanlu kcxpdg ak ljnmzd jakkdjnmakl kag rmlngmpcnmak ak BSX jakndkn na dkr-cldgl zml NLZ / RHLS / LLN / LSR-L2 eulnkagxl mk Xakndkdiga mk Udpgclgy 2021, 96.17% gdkdgl na klncglu edglakl (Hlkclgy 2021 96.16%) ag 230,578 jakkdjnmakl (Hlkclgy 2021. 230,563), lkr 3.83% (3.84% mk Hlkclgy 2021) ag 9,185 (9,216 mk Hlkclgy 2021) jakkdjnmakl na udilu dknmnmdl.