We continue to publish weekly TV ratings, which we receive from AdScanner. Last week we published data for Dalmatia, and today we have the data on ratings in the region of Slavonia for the week of 15.2. to 21.2. 2021. We explained the method of measurement and methodology in another article.

In Slavonia, Nova TV had the highest ratings last week. It is followed, in second place by HRT1 and  RTL Television in third.

Nickelodeon had the highest viewership of non-terrestrial TV channels, followed by N1.

The analysis of ratings in Slavonia is much more interesting when you watch TV shows. Slavonians love good food, so that may be the reason why the RTL show, Three, Two, One – Cook, comes first. Among the first 15 shows, seven are from Nova TV, five from RTL, two from HRT1, and one from HRT2.