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Last 2020, despite the crisis that shook the whole world, we recorded an increase in the number of readers and new subscribers. As we have written many times before, we opted for a subscription system so that we would not depend on marketing campaigns and could be independent of anyone’s influence. And we succeeded in that!

We do not have forbidden topics or silence, so we are tireless in praising but also, criticizing colleagues and the media who deserve it. We are building our community based on the belief that the media and telecom operators are very important for building a better (digital) society and that we must all be ready to make corrections to our actions for the benefit of the community.

Last year, the increase in the number of subscribers was above our expectations, and we thank you for that. Many of you have been with us for the third year in a row, and the number of those who decide on an annual subscription without renewing it is negligible. And so year after year. That says a lot about their satisfaction and whether we are of use to them.

Still, we can be much better. We plan for this year 2021, a lot of novelties. But they make sense and will come true if you support us in that.

We invite you to make a good New Year’s decision and become our subscriber. We will do our best to justify your trust!

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