The Media daily, in order to spread business optimism, does not stand still during the biggest crisis caused by the coronavirus. After last year’s project to mark the 25th anniversary of private electronic media in Croatia, which eventually resulted in the publication of a book, this year we have set ourselves the goal of publishing two new books. Both books will be regional, that is, they will cover the area from Slovenia to Northern Macedonia, which so far, and with the topics of the books we have chosen, no one has done.

In the first book we will cover the Development of Public Broadcasting Services from 1990 to 2020, and in the second, which we will present today, Television and Sports, we will write about the development of television, platforms and television production with the help of sports and sports competitions. Television and sports are extremely interesting areas, highly interconnected, and 90% of television broadcasting rights are in the hands of the two largest companies. How this happened will be described chronologically in this capital piece for media history.

We invite fellow sports journalists and sponsors to support us in this.

Did you know! Several sports professionals were initially against TV broadcasts because they feared that this new thing would reduce their viewership at sporting events.

63 years have passed since the first live sports TV broadcast in these areas, which was broadcast by Television Zagreb on May 12, 1957 (football match Yugoslavia – Italy), but compared to those times the situation with TV broadcasts, the development of sports and television is no longer the same. Not only did the number of sports events that are being broadcast today change, but the way content was delivered to viewers and the quality of television production also changed. In particular, the development of the production and distribution of sports content has accelerated over the last ten years, so that there are already thirty specialized sports channels on the market today. Data on sports development and production of sports content on television have so far not been systematically processed and published in one place, thus creating the need to consolidate all information in one place. That task was undertaken by us.

Did you know! In 1960, Television Ljubljana made its first transmission for the EBU, namely the transfer of ski jumps on Planica.

The format of the B5 book (17 x 24 cm) is planned for approximately 300 pages in full color in print and pdf. The book will be published in two languages: Croatian / Serbian and English in 1000 copies (1st edition).

The chapters of the book Television and Sports are as follows:

  1.  The history of sports on world television
  2.  The beginnings of sports in SE Europe
  3.  JRT and Sport
  4. Slovenia (public and commercial television)
  5. Croatia (public and commercial television)
  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina (public and commercial television)
  7.  Montenegro (public and commercial television)
  8. Macedonia (public and commercial television)
  9. Serbia (public and commercial television)
  10.  The emergence of sports platforms
  11.  SportKlub
  12.  Arena sport
  13.  Planet sport
  14.  Šport TV
  15.  Sports TV Channels (MNE Sport, Moja TV, Fight ch., Kreator, SPTV, HNTV, etc.)
  16. Club Television (Partizan, Zvezda, etc.)
  17. Video on Demand, Streaming and Pay and Watch (VOD-SVOD-OTT-PPV)
  18.  Sports commentators
  19.  Production of sports TV content (Croatel, Visual impact, VPK, DVB, etc.)
  20.  Advertising in sports broadcasts
  21.  A brief overview of other sports media (web portals, radios, print)
  22.  Look in the future
  23.  Overview of sports TV rights by platform
  24. Overview of sports TV channels

Did you know! Before the TV broadcast, the sports competitions were extremely broadcasted via radio.

Of course, this capital project is not easy to make, and it also requires serious financial resources, so the newsroom is looking for main sponsors, sponsors, and project partners. The Croatian Sports Journalists Association has fully supported this project, as well as PRO-PLUS, KAPETANOVIĆ SISTEMI, VPK PRO, SPTV, DVB, and ŠPORT TV. We also invite other sponsors to contact the editorial board so we would be able to prepare and publish this book within the given deadlines.

We invite again our fellow sports journalists and sponsors to support us in this.