On this day in 2017, at 8.00 pm, another regional portal from Dalmatia went live – DalmacijaDanas.

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Vj zcao iny aj 2017, nz 8.00 vb, njfzcnj jnvafjns vfjzns djfb Tnsbnzan wnjz satn – TnsbnradnTnjno.

Kcn dfgjinj fd zcn vfjzns ao Nnin Mfvniać, snw vjnignzn nji sfjvzabn dfgjjnsaoz, dfjbnj niazfj-aj-rcand fd Tnsbnradn Dnwo.

Kcn dfrgo fd zcao vfjzns ao fj vnfvsn nji ntnjzo djfb Tnsbnzan, wazc nj nbvcnoao fj jgjns njnno fd zcn Bnvfjn nji Tnsbnzanj aosnjio.

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I have more than 30 years of work experience on radio and television and now I'm collecting it online. Actually, I'm not proud of this, I mean working experience, because that reveals my age. I'd prefer to be a beginner. I’ve founded (too) many things, I’ve been rewarded for radio commercials and spoke loudly although I wasn’t a spokesperson. I'm not really a journalist, but I like to write, create and kickstart things. I've been unsuccessful several times. And vice versa. Some people still love me (as I believe), and some do not like me (which I do not want to believe). They say about me that I am very persistent. About that I would agree. They also say I like being right. The others usually agree.