The specialized portal for the media and telecom industry Media daily continues to grow thanks to your support. In the first month of 2019, our portal was visited by 8,669 unique persons and in the first month of 2020 as many as 14,174 persons which is an increase of 62%. This is a great visitor result if you consider that the focus and content niche of Media daily is very narrow, that we do not deal with click-bait and that the vast majority of articles are not publicly available but only to subscribers. Our potential base amounts to 50,000 employees in the region, from Slovenia to Northern Macedonia.

We also see an increase in the number of our subscribers daily, and what we are particularly excited about is that our current subscribers faithfully extend their subscription and show that we are useful to them and that they like what we do. We are grateful for that.

Media daily has decided to fund its work through a subscription of readers so that we can be independent of the marketing budgets of advertisers, and we prove this daily by writing freely and critically on all topics from the media and telecom industry. However, we still have not achieved self-sustainability, so we try to cover our costs with various projects.

One such project is the publication of a book on the 25th years of private electronic media in Croatia. By selling this book, we also fund the work of the portal, so it is important that you support us here as well.

The price of the book is 250 kn (33 euros), which includes delivery within Croatia, while the delivery fee for other countries is 7 euros.

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