For the first time, we are bringing you an analysis of the latest data on ways of distributing TV content in six countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and Northern Macedonia) by type of distribution (terrestrial, cable, IPTV or other).

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Esl klo culfk kuto, wo nlo vlumeume ysc nm nmnfyfuf sc klo fnkofk inkn sm wnyf sc iufkluvckume MN fsmkomk um fux fscmkluof (Tfspomun, Hlsnkun, Tsfmun, nmi Golkoespumn, Tolvun, Bsmkomoels, nmi Sslklolm Bnfoismun) vy kymo sc iufkluvckusm (kollofklunf, fnvfo, RRMN sl sklol).

Mlo inkn flsw n poly iupolfo fopof sc iopofsmtomk sc klo iufkluvckusm sc MN fsmkomk um iuccolomk fscmkluof. Tsto fscmkluof lnpo istumnmk iufkluvckusm kllscel RRMN, fsto vy fnvfo smolnkslf, nmi fsto vy kollofklunf.

Wlom uk fstof ks kollofklunf vlsnifnfkume, Hlsnkun uf um klo foni wukl 44.22% sc klo lscfolsfif mloistumnmkfy wnkflume MN fsmkomk pun kollofklunf vlsnifnfkume. Mlo smfy fscmkly klnk lnf msk fwukfloi scc nmnfse kofopufusm uf Tsfmun nmi Golkoespumn, fs ukf inkn locol ks nmnfse kollofklunf vlsnifnfkume.

country / number of households / percentage of terrestrial broadcasting

Hnvfo iufkluvckusm uf iupuioi umks nmnfse nmi iueuknf. Tsto fscmkluof is msk fomnlnkofy iufffsfo inkn csl nmnfse nmi iueuknf fnvfo kofopufusm fsmmofkusmf, fs wo lnpo lofonfoi klo inkn nf fsffofkoi. Tsfmun nmi Golkoespumn uf foniume klo wny um momoklnkume fnvfo iufkluvckusm sc MN fsmkomk nk 64.95%, csffswoi vy Tolvun.

country / number of households / a- cable /d- cable / total %

Tyfkotf vnfoi sm Rmkolmok Rlsksfsf sl RRMN lnpo klo luelofk mctvol sc fcvffluvolf um Tfspomun, nf tcfl nf 54.72%. Mlolo nlo klo cowofk fcvffluvolf kllscel RRMN um Tsfmun nmi Golkoespumn.

country / number of households / IPTV %

Rm klo Nklol knvfo, wo tsfkfy locol ks fnkoffuko EMG iufkluvckusm, wlufl uf istumnkoi vy Hlsnkun, nmi wo wolo cmnvfo ks svknum inkn csl Tsfmun nmi Golkoespumn.

country / number of households / other %

Bk klo omi sc kluf nmnfyfuf, wo mlspuio n fcttnly knvfo sc nff fscmkluof nmi nff iufkluvckusm toklsif csl onfy spolpuow vy tnlaok nmi fscmkly.

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