Macedonian Radio Television (MRT) prepared a pleasant surprise for football lovers.

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Thus, football fans will be able to watch the matches of Juventus, Milan, Inter Milan, Napoli, and other teams, as well as performances by Macedonian players Goran Pandev, Ilija Nestorovski and Elif Elmas. The MRT will broadcast one game in each round.
MRT has agreed to broadcast one game a week from the Italian football championship. We are in the negotiation of the rights to several more sporting events, but I still cannot confirm when you will be able to watch them on the MRT program,” said MRT sports editor Dragan Nikolovski.
MRT is currently negotiating with Arena Sport to transfer some of the excitement of the French football championship and to broadcast the matches of the Vardar and Eurofarm Radnik of Handball Champions League. MRT recently confirmed that it will broadcast the first matches of the Northern Macedonia men volleyball team on European Championships next month.
One of the most popular and leading European football leagues, Serie A, after two years returns to the program of a Macedonian television station with national coverage. So far, Calcio could be seen on Arena sports channels offered only by TV Max by Telecom, and will now be available to those less than 10 percent of viewers using just a regular TV antenna.