The analytical talk show Argument, which began airing in the first month of this year on Planet TV, will not continue airing in the fall scheme. That is the editorial’s final decision. We were wondering why there are no sequels?

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I have more than 30 years of work experience on radio and television and now I'm collecting it online. Actually, I'm not proud of this, I mean working experience, because that reveals my age. I'd prefer to be a beginner. I’ve founded (too) many things, I’ve been rewarded for radio commercials and spoke loudly although I wasn’t a spokesperson. I'm not really a journalist, but I like to write, create and kickstart things. I've been unsuccessful several times. And vice versa. Some people still love me (as I believe), and some do not like me (which I do not want to believe). They say about me that I am very persistent. About that I would agree. They also say I like being right. The others usually agree.