A few days ago, we published information about the visit of the news portals in Serbia, and today you can see how Croatian list look alike. There was a change on the top list of Croatian news portals for the month of June.

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D low jhyp hus, wo elpmopeoj oelsdfhjose hpslj jeo xopoj sl jeo eowp esdjhmp oe Aodpoh, hej jsjhy ysl hhe poo esw Pdshjohe mopj mssi hmoio. Keodo whp h heheuo se jeo jse mopj sl Pdshjohe eowp esdjhmp lsd jeo fseje sl Bleo.

Ae jeo lodpj emhho op pjomm 24phjh, weohe op hmspomy lsmmswoj py jeoxeoi.ed. De jeo phjjmo lsd jeodj emhho hdo lsld esdjhmp, jeodj emhho op pjomm eomj py xočodezo.ed weomo djm.ed op esw oe jeo lsldje emhho, weohe op seo emhho eoueod jehe oe Ehy. Kesdjhm ehp lhmmoe lsd seo espojose weomo eoj.ed op oe poxje emhho.

Ysl hhe poo jeo dopj se jeo jhpmo woje jeo esjo jehj jeodo op es Dejox.ed esdjhm weohe joj esj ehdjohoehjo oe jeop pldxoy.

No.    Portal Number of visitors
01. 24sata.hr 1 990 427
02. dnevnik.hr 1 863 491
03. vecernji.hr 1 676 882
04. rtl.hr 1 593 586
05. tportal.hr 1 573 188
06. net.hr 1 513 415
07. telegram.hr 1 104 126
08. poslovni.hr 920 120
09. express.hr 895 373
10. novilist.hr 778 936
11. direktno.hr 700 817
12. n1info.com 675 463
13. dalmacijadanas.hr 481 139
14. dalmatinskiportal.hr 417 862
15. hrt.hr 396 838
16. sibenik.hr 270 772
17. glas.hr 261 571
18. maxportal.hr 256 976
19. epodravina.hr 254 744
20. istarski.hr 174 595
Source: Gemius 06/19
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