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If you purchase a one-year PREMIUM subscription model in the period between July 1st and October 31st, 2019 you will receive our FIRST book “25 YEAR OF PRIVATE ELECTRONIC MEDIA“, which will be published on November 5th, 2019.

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This book, which you must have, deals with key historical events of private electronic media at the time of their emergence, growth, and development in the period from 1988 to 2019.

The book chapters are:

  1. The Age of Media Pirates (1988-1995)
  2. Adoption of the first Telecommunications Act 1994
  3. Giving out concessions to the first media
  4. Establishment of TV Mreže and CCN
  5. Forum 21
  6. The first private national media (Nova TV, Narodni and Otvoreni Radio)
  7. The creation of the web portal
  8. The regulation of copyright
  9. Grupo affair
  10. The Case of Radio 101
  11. Development of TV content distribution
  12. Development of radio, radio networks and media services
  13. Privatization of HTV 3,and OIV formation
  14. New law on el. media 2003
  15. The arrival of RTL on the Croatian market
  16. Establishment of HAKOM (Telecommunications, Agency)
  17. From the Telecommunications Council to the Electronic Media Council
  18. Development of local and cable television
  19. Fund for media pluralism
  20. Digital TV broadcasting
  21. Legislative solutions from 2009
  22. Battle for viewership  (NOVA, RTL HRT)
  23. Strengthening of the web portals
  24. Crisis and the media
  25. The impact of Social Networks and the development of SVOD and OTT
  26. Digital radio DAB +
  27. New 25 years – a look at the future

The authors of the book are Neven Šantić and Zoran Kovačić, and the book will be published by Voice of Media Ltd., publisher of Media daily.

Delivery of books is not included in the gift and depends on the place of your residence according to the standard price list of postal services.