The Media Daily, the first and only specialized media portal, has launched an initiative for 2019 that will mark the 25th anniversary of the first Telecommunications Law which enabled the appearance of private television, radio and electronic publications in Croatia.

This is the beginning of the work on the Media Daily edition that includes such and similar projects in all the countries of the region.

Namely, on October 21, 1994, the Croatian Parliament passed the Telecommunications Law, which allowed private ownership of electronic media in independent Croatia, and established the then Telecommunications Council (today the Electronic Media Council) as a body regulating the electronic media market.

This historic event enabled the further development of the media market where today there are more than 150 radio stations, 300 electronic publications, and over 40 television stations.

In the past 25 years, there have been a lot of interesting events that are worth collecting in one place and being publicized to keep permanently written and historically valued in the times that will come.

Planned activities for marking this important period are, called 25 years of existence of private electronic media, following:

Starting in June, and during the next six months, we will publish at least once a week on our portal an article ranked by the importance of the event.

We will list the most important topics we will deal with:

  1. Pirate televisions born in the early nineties and the need for their legalization
  2. The adoption of the Law and the beginning of the work of the Telecommunications Council
  3. First decisions and concessions during the nineties with regard to events around Radio 101
  4. Awarding concessions to Nova TV, RTL, and other televisions, and the disappearance of HTV3
  5. Changes at HRT as a result of legal changes and competition
  6. Establishment of OIV, HAKOM, and extension of the number of radio stations
  7. Changes in legislation in telecommunications and electronic media from 1994 to present, work of the Ministry of Culture
  8. Copyright Regulation and ZAMP
  9. Changes in the regulatory body for electronic media from 1994 to present
  10. The emergence of the first electronic publications
  11. The emergence of distribution platforms for MAX TV, EVO TV, A1 (Bnet), Total TV, Iskon
  12. Major changes in ownership in the media with regard to the failure of events (bombs, shootings, etc.)
  13. Establishment of the Fund for Media pluralism, local and regional media
  14. Radio and television associations and their significance
  15. Radio and television networks and media consolidation
  16. The emergence of cable and IPTV television
  17. Digital Age, Shut down of Analogue, DVB-T2, DAB+, and others
  18. Overview of the development of radio and television publishers and publishers of electronic publications.

– During the autumn, we will organize roundtable for participants in which experts will discuss: What have we done so far and whether we can do better?

– Conclusions of this roundtable as well as published articles on our portal, expanded with interviews with major protagonists of all major events, will be published in the electronic and press release during the month of November 2019.

-The book would then be presented during the 2019 Electronic Media Day, which will coincide with the adoption of the new Electronic Media Act.

Writing of these materials and books is entrusted to the authors: Neven Šantić, editor in chief of the Media Daily portal and Zoran Kovačić, founder and portal owner.

The B5 format book will be printed in approximately 200-250 pages in 1000 copies. Each of our PREMIUM subscribers will receive this book as a gift.

We want to involve as many participants as possible in these events, and we invite you to participate actively and together with us become co-authors and sponsors of this extremely important publication for the history of Croatian electronic media.