Basically, in journalism, you have investigative parts, but not all journalism is investigative journalism. On the question, is there any real investigative journalism in Macedonia or are there only isolated cases of investigations with side help, 163 journalists gave their answers in a research named Professionalism in media that was conducted by Change Management Center (CUP) and Institute for Human Rights (IHR). The results show that most journalists, 71.2% can differentiate between conventional and investigative journalism. But only 10.4% of 163 journalists stated that investigating is their main job compared to 39,3% of journalists that report, and 29.4% that stated they just transfer information. Contrary to international experiences in Macedonia, investigative journalism is not a team effort. Half the journalists, 55,2% weren’t a part of that kind of team, while 36,2% were part of an investigative team. Specialization of journalists in certain narrow fields and themes is modest. That way 76.7% of journalists aren’t specialized for theme reporting and investigating in certain fields.

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