In today’s review of the most significant media in southeastern Europe in 2016., we bring information for Slovenian media. In Slovenia, the financial and by personnel the most powerful media is a public company. It is the Radio-television of Slovenia (RTVS) which had in 2016., with 2026 employees, an income of more than 124 million euros. Far behind was a private group Pro Plus, which is composed among others, of popular TV channels POP TV and Kanal A, which made revenues of 54 million euros with 191 employees. Otherwise, Pro Plus is a group intended to be purchased by the regional media giant United group but is still awaiting the approval of the Slovenian State authorities who are responsible for the purchase and sales of media.

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company income (€) media town employees
1. RTV SLOVENIJA 124.801.320 TV, radio, web Ljubljana 2026
2. PRO PLUS 54.567.657 TV, web Ljubljana 191
3. DELO 38.858.808 Press, web Ljubljana 325
4. DNEVNIK 18.571.333 Press, web Ljubljana 147
5. ČASNIK VEČER 8.801.564 Press, web Maribor 126
6. ANTENNA SL TV 8.251.566 TV, web Ljubljana n.a.
7. ČASNIK FINANCE 7.235.582 Press, web Ljubljana 85
8. ADRIA MEDIA 5.706.180 Press, web Ljubljana 26
9. ASPN 4.145.133 TV Ljubljana 6
10. PRIMORSKE NOVICE 4.021.589 Press, web Koper 63
11. GORENJSKI GLAS 3.256.114 Press, web Kranj 31
12. ČZD KMEČKI GLAS 2.562.100 Press, web Ljubljana 29
13. MLADINA 2.404.655 Press, web Ljubljana 21
14. DOLENJSKI LIST 2.090.441 Press, web Novo mesto 6
15. SVET24 1.951.341 Radio, Press, web Ljubljana 2
16. RGL 1.885.362 Radio Ljubljana 3
17. PINK SI 1.798.881 TV Koper 12
18. MTV ADRIA 1.616.526 TV Ljubljana 5
19. RADIO TEDNIK PTUJ 1.582.500 Radio, Press Ptuj 23
20. NT&RC 1.392.284 Radio, Press Celje 25
21. RADIO OGNJIŠČE 1.330.818 Radio Koper 31
22. PODJETJE ZA INFORMIRANJE 1.264.989 Press Murska sobota 14
23. RADIO CENTER 1.213.415 Radio Ljubljana 8
24. RADIO CITY 1.169.869 Radio Maribor 12
25. NOVICE 1.026.129 Web, radio Slovenske Konjice 17
26. TELE-TV 981.360 TV Kranj 7
27. RADIO PRO 1 969.284 Radio Novo mesto 22
28. TELEVIZIJA NOVO MESTO 852.841 TV Novo mesto 12
29. NOVA OBZORJA 773.967 Web Ljubljana 6
30. NAŠ ČAS 697.212 Web, radio Velenje 16
31. FENIKS MEDIA 676.441 Web Ljubljana 1
32. AVTO MEDIJA 675.145 Web, Press Ljubljana 4
33. RADIO MURSKI VAL 652.321 Radio Murska sobota 7
34. MEGALINE 586.288 Radio Ljubljana 6
35. TV CELJE 527.584 TV Celje 4
36. RADIO GORENC 518.233 Radio Tržič 8
37. RADIO CAPRIS 517.385 Radio Koper 5
38. RADIO KUM TRBOVLJE 474.767 Radio Trbovlje n.a.
39. KOROŠKI RADIO S.GRADEC 447.975 Radio Slovenj Gradec 10
40. VTV STUDIO 438.107 TV Velenje 12
source: Bisnode, 2016